Factory Tour

We are an excellent and professional pollination supplier of fruit trees. Our pollen supply types include pear pollen, apple pollen, kiwi pollen, peach pollen, plum pollen, cherry pollen, apricot pollen, and incremental agent for pollination. At present, other varieties are under development and test.

Of course, we all know that artificial assisted plant pollination can make us get bigger, more beautiful and better tasting fruits. Therefore, our company will not only provide high-quality pollen, but also have excellent agricultural technicians to guide your pollen use, so as to ensure that your orchard can achieve the effect of increasing production and harvest.

Our company is located by the world-famous Zhaozhou Bridge, and the factory covers an area of 10000 square meters. The company has developed and planted a number of flower collection bases, which implement professional pollution-free management to ensure the quality of pollen from the root. The company has professional and advanced flower processing equipment that can process a large number of pollen, advanced germination rate testing equipment and modern laboratory. A professional ultra-low temperature storage freezer for pollen is built, with an area of 200 square meters. 5 sets of self-developed production equipment and a clean and tidy constant temperature prescription workshop of 6000 square meters.