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The electric pollinator is composed of lithium battery, electric motor, powder storage tank and extension rod. This product has been studied for 5 years and applied for international patent technology of utility model. This product is suitable for use in medium-sized orchards (10 mu – 20 mu). One pollination gun can replace about 5 manual. The pollination of the pollination gun is very uniform, which will not cause unnecessary waste of pollen, and can improve a lot of efficiency. The pollination gun is powered by lithium battery, and each battery can provide 8 hours of power output for the pollination gun. The weight of a pollination gun is 400g. Even if you use it for a long time, you won’t feel tired. You can complete the pollination operation easily and happily. Each pollinator will be sent to you after strict inspection before delivery to ensure that your pollination date will not be delayed. The warranty period of each pollinator is 1 year. In case of any failure in the warranty device, we will provide you with a new set of pollinators. Our pollinators can provide international express delivery, and the postage can only be quoted accurately after we consult the international express company after you provide the address. If you are a wholesaler, we will offer corresponding discounts. If you order more than 20 sets, we will give you 1 set as a sample displayed in your store or a machine for your customers to try. We can make sure that after you purchase, you will be very glad that our company has provided you with a very useful pollinator.

After you use the electric pollinator, you must put it in a ventilated and dry place, which is more conducive to the preservation of the pollinator, and charge and maintain the battery every other period of time, because the battery will be discharged excessively if it is not used for a long time, which will affect the service life of the battery. Our pollinator is very strong and durable, and the designed pollination volume adjustment button and air volume adjustment button can adjust the pollination volume and air volume according to the specific use situation. If the wind force in the orchard where you pollinate reaches level 5 or above, please pollinate at another time, thinking that the excessive wind will blow away the pollen sprayed from the pollinator.

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