Pear Pollen

  • Snowflake Pear Flower Powder For Pollination Of Pear Trees

    Snowflake Pear Flower Powder For Pollination Of Pear Trees

    Function of pollen:Because most pears in the world are self incompatible varieties, it is highly recommended to use artificial pollination. Although it seems to increase your planting cost, you will find how smart you were at that time in the harvest season. According to our experiment, the conclusion is to make a comparison between two orchards, in which orchard A is pollinated by natural media and orchard B is pollinated by artificial cross pollination of specific varieties. The specific data at the time of harvest are compared as follows: the proportion of high-quality commercial fruits in orchard A is 60%, and that in orchard B is 75%. The yield of orchards with artificial assisted pollination is 30% higher than that of orchards with natural medium pollination. So through this set of numbers, you will find how wise it is to use our company’s pollen for dissimilatory pollination. Using the company’s pear flower powder can effectively improve the fruit setting rate and the quality of commercial fruit.